Most Popular Hotels in Sydney

The Grace Hotel Sydney

Convenient is perhaps an understatement when describing The Grace Hotel’s location. With the hotel just standing right smack in the heart of Sydney’s commercial district, a cab ride may no longer be necessary to get around.

The Menzies Sydney Hotel

For those who place a lot of importance on location, The Menzies Sydney Hotel is an excellent choice. Flanked between two of the city’s commercial boroughs York and George Streets, the Menzies Sydney Hotel offers a breathtaking view of the Wynyard Park.

Aarons Hotel Sydney

What makes Aarons Hotel Sydney a real gem in the hotel industry is its high versatility. It has something to offer for every type of guest, from the sporty to the adventurous and most especially the touristy kind.

Pensione Hotel Sydney

Whether it’s a business or a vacation trip, the Pensione Hotel Sydney is truly an excellent choice of accommodation. The hotel is equipped with superb facilities that will make for an ultra-comfy stay. Another reason to love the Pensione Hotel is strategically located among Sydney’s famous spots and prominent establishments, including the majestic Town Hall which is definitely a sight to see for tourists.

Great Southern Hotel Sydney

Great Southern Hotel is a tourist attraction in itself as it is backed with a long history, the edifice dating as early as the 19th century. The rich color palette and ornate architecture evokes old world style while the amenities provide modern-day comfort. Just as inviting as the interiors is the many splendored things that await the guests upon stepping outside the hotel.

The Observatory Hotel Sydney

The Observatory Hotel Sydney is nothing less than posh. With a majestic structure and interiors, it is simply one of the most outstanding buildings in close proximity to the city’s central business district and legendary Rocks. Besides that, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the renowned Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour. Within a kilometer from the hotel are three of Sydney’s top tourist attractions: the Sydney Observatory, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Sydney Aquarium, which is a great venue for those with a fascination for heavenly bodies, art and sea creatures, respectively.

The Marque Hotel Sydney

The Marque Hotel Sydney is built and fashioned in such a way that it can cater to business and leisure travelers alike. It boasts of remarkable amenities that collectively make for a truly pleasant stay. Barely a kilometer from the hotel are two landmarks that every newcomer in Sydney must visit: the Town Hall and the Sydney Entertainment Centre where the city’s most happening events are often held.

Metro Hotel Sydney Central

At Metro Hotel Sydney Central, travelers are provided warm and reliable service at all times, from reception to check out. It is among the most sought-after hotel in the city as it is strategically located near famous tourism landmarks like the ANZAC War memorial and the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Devere Hotel Sydney

Staying at Devere Hotel Sydney is always a breeze as it is located near the city’s finest offerings, from top restaurants, shopping centers, and tourist attractions. For one, there’s the Royal Botanic Gardens which is a perfect place for leisure strolls. Approximately 2 kms. From Devere Hotel is among the largest church in the planet: the St. Mary’s Cathedral. Lastly, there’s the El Alamein Fountain and Elizabeth Bay House which can easily be reached by foot.

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